Monday, December 30, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure Trove

*The Bon*Ton Store*

I've never been to The Bon Ton Store, but this week i decided to go in and see what its all about. So here is my review. Overall they have a lot of name brand clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. They have good items on clearance and on sale, some items were over priced and not worth it unless it's on sale. I did like the variety of clothing they had young pieces, nice patters, leopard, bright colors, cute purses and shoes. I have 2 boys and a hubby, so i did see a lot of great items i will be going back to get for my boys. I also saw a lot of great items on sale with good quality especially having 2 young boys ages 9 and 5, having good clothes at quality prices is a must. So overall i will definitely go back to this store. They also have great things on their on-line web page and good sales. Some items like shoes and purses i found to be cheaper at the store but they do have a lot of variety and sizes on line. You can use the Coupons on the Snip Snap app for most of their stuff, except the yellow items, unless you go the days they have coupons for these items.
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