Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Psych Day

Shopping Therapy 101

Part of Friday Psych Day is to bring up different topics about psych and fashion. I was at T.J. Maxx and as i was looking at the Christmas stuff, clearance and so much more, i realized that shopping can be a therapy. Not in an addictive way (lol) but more like looking and trying clothes, matching different colors and patterns and just being able to get a great item at a cheaper price and still love the fit and look of what ever outfit, shoes, accessory, home goods or candle you might purchase. After leaving the store i only purchased a box of Rose Hibiscus Tea, it felt good and i was excited to try this new flavor and brand, overall i did not find anything worth while but i did see several dresses, shoes and skirts i will keep an eye on for future possible purchases. Here are some pictures of T.J. Maxx and some of the great items i really liked.

tj maxx (1)tj maxx (2)tj maxx (3)tj maxx (4)tj maxx (5)tj maxx (6)tj maxx (7)tj maxx (8)tj maxx (9)tj maxx (10)