Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fall Thrifting Haul

Fall will be here very soon and I love cardigans, panchos, sweaters and all things buttons. Here is my fall haul. I wanted neutral colors so that I can add a ton of colors with these. Especially awesome boots!!

Navy Blue Poncho was $7.99 on sale $3.99

Grey button sweater I love the big buttons. Was $3.99 on sale for $1.99

Old Navy yellow sweater was $5.99 on sale $2.99.

White crochet sweater love it. Was $5.99 on sale $2.99.

Navy blue button down sweater. Was $3.99 on sale $1.99. Love the button details.

Total Spent was….

(Drum Roll Plz… $13.99)